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In general context, an earpiece is anything which becomes purposeful when it covers the ear or hangs near it. This means that an earpiece could be used as a general…

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To put it simply, a two way radio is a device that can both receive and transmit voice messages. In broader terms, it can be said that most wireless communication,…

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To put it very simply, your earphone includes a piece of plastic that vibrates in accordance to the signals received from the device it’s attached to. The plastic moves due…

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Brand is no assurance of quality, nor is price within brand. The Dr. Dre-endorsed ‘Beats’ headphones series are a great example of branding without substance. They cost the earth and…

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If you are planning on using a radio system for commercial purposes anywhere in the UK, you will need a radio broadcast licence. According to Ofcom’s official site, “If you use…

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